Dark Roast CONGO Lake Kivu

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Taste: Dark chocolate, raisin, creamy body


Region: Lake Kivu, D.R. Congo

Cooperative: Muungano

Certified: Fairtrade, Organic 


Roasted within 24 hours of shipping.

12oz is about a two-week supply of beans for 1-2 coffee drinkers.

Every 12oz bag purchased = 12 SQUARE FEET OF LAND CONSERVED FOREVER 🇨🇦 or 30 TREES PLANTED 🌍

Every 5lb bag purchased = 60 SQUARE FEET OF LAND CONSERVED FOREVER 🇨🇦 or 150 TREES PLANTED 🌍

See CONSERVATION page for how we enact these impacts!


MUUNGANO means “Togetherness” in Swahili. In 2009, 350 founding members came together and founded the Muungano Coffee Cooperative in eastern DR Congo. Located on the slopes near the shores of Lake Kivu, this co-op today has over 4,300 farmers investing in coffee and their communities.

Muungano members live in different communities that were divided by the civil war. However, these dedicated coffee farmers made the choice to combine their strengths in order to build a great future for their communities. They work hard every day in order to produce a high quality coffee and please coffee lovers’ mornings everywhere in the world.