Dark Roast BLACK BISON Blend

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Taste: Black cherry, dark chocolate, rich body

Roast: Dark

Region: Chiapas, Mexico/Cajamarca, Peru

Certified: Fairtrade, Organic 

Roasted within 24 hours of shipping.

12oz is about a two-week supply of beans for 1-2 coffee drinkers.

One 12oz bag purchased = at least 12 square feet of ecologically significant land bought in CANADA and conserved forever. 5lb bag = at least 60 square feet of habitat conserved forever! See CONSERVATION page for more details.


Easy drinking with amazing body. BLACK BISON blend is for the everyday cup with it's light acidity and round, heavy body. Using various beans from our partner farms, BLACK BISON has a vastly complex flavor profile but is easy to drink cup after cup. Through vigorous taste tests, long debates, and many failed blends, BLACK BISON came to be.